2 thoughts on “Waiting at the airport”

  1. Hey up buddy – great reading about Hong Kong – I didn’t have a great time there in early 90’s – end of 18months on the road, arrived skint with £30 and missing the girlfriend who had got homesick and flown home from Bangkok.

    plus we had that terrible fatal accident down the mineshaft where i was working –

    but, I agree it is an amazing place …..

    Have a lovely Christmas Buddy !! see if you can find a certain Nick Turnbull from Reading- ex Carters matey – used to live in Manly Beach, and surf, Kite, motorbike etc – has hair only slightly less crazy than thou, but equally as blond and beautiful …..

    and don’t forget the cheesecake shop and burgers with beetroot, and the ferry across the harbour, and …… throw another shrimp on the barbie !!

  2. Yes I heard about that accident in Hong Kong while I was there, I was working on the same project for a wee while but at the other end of the pipe – that was in 96 methinks so perhaps you were trail-blazing, making sure the burgers with beetroot were up to scratch for the rest of us limey’s.

    Did you read my post of the 23rd, life is stranger than fiction sometimes and it seems like this guy actually got up to these antics, I’m trying to get a buddy to interview him for the independent, it’d make the main news story for sure :0)

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