War and Peace

So, a trip to the ‘war remnants museum’ brings it home to you how these people suffered during the war, then a trip to the ‘apocalypse now’ bar shows you how r&r the GI’s made their Vietnam experience, but I’m not going to go on about it because that’d be the obvious things to do. What made the day more poignant is reading in the Guardian today that American intelligence predicts a nuclear or biological attack in the next five years, we just don’t stop as a species do we.

So I stayed in the Apocalyspe Now bar for two beers feeling a bit self conscious being alone, so I left the riverside and came back to the hotel district and caught a taxi that swooped on by the majestic hotel just to show me how I could be living it up if I wanted to.

I then stopped in at a roadside bar where the beers were 1/6th of the price of the apocalypse now prices. Here I caught up with drunk and cheerful travellers with the usual array of stories. I have to book my bus ticket in the morning so I’m going to bed…..

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