Xmas 2010

After my train ride to and my bus ride back from Carmen de Patagones I needed somewhere to stay for Xmas, so I headed down to El Bolson where the hostels were apparently full of people ready to boogy for Xmas. I found a great little place called the Refugio Patagonico, but when I arrived it seemed like there were only a few people staying there.

This changed as the day progressed until by Xmas Eve there was a good hostel full of people ready for the planned Xmas dins and the ensuing celebrations. We drank a good selection of local ales over the course of the day (El Bolson beer is pretty famous) and had a great meal of chicken cooked on the open open fire with a large selection of nibbles and other goodies. The high poiunt had to have been the Tiramisu that was just about the biggest tiramisu I had ever seen.

After Xmas dins we headed off to a local bar to party. We drank more beer until the early hours become hazy, luckily I have some pics of us cavorting at dawn, then breaking into the hostel James Bond style to get more beer in the A.M.

I then moved hostels to somewhere a little more sedate to recover, so I am now up the mountain in El Bolson at a place called Alto del Sur where I have hung my hammock on front of a viewpoint. From there I can see the sun rising over El Bolson in the morning.

Happy Xmas all.

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